'"It is in the art of giving that we really understand the best way of living" Anonymous

Do you organise or know of a charity in Cork or in Ireland? Sign up to our charity platform for free so people can easily find charitable organisations in a more efficiently and effectively co-ordinated manner. Donation and communication links will go directly to charity website. Let us allow the people of Cork and Ireland find the most appropriate charity in a time efficient solution. Our work with charitable organisations will always be free. For now, 15% of all our profits will go to sustainability innovations, humanitarian causes and worthwhile charities in Ireland. This number will increase and international charities and humanitarian causes will be added following international expansion.

We really respect and appreciate the professional assistance during the startup on-boarding process and we expect to develop a strong relationship with partners, customers, organisations, and charities starting off in Ireland. Before you apply, you also agree to my privacy policy and cookie policy.